About GAA

GAA offers professional investment advice to employer sponsored group retirement plans through its Great American Fund Connection Program. The program offers an open architecture mutual fund platform. GAA carefully selects and monitors a list of Core Funds for each plan. GAA also develops and maintains five Target Risk Portfolios for each plan and provides a service center for transaction processing and telephone support. GAA’s services are most commonly arranged by referrals from other Registered Investment Advisors (“Solicitors”). Representatives of the Solicitors provide several onsite services including; enrollment assistance, investment education, periodic meetings and professional guidance.

GAA is a member of the Great American Financial Resources, Inc. family of companies. Great American Financial Resources is a financial services company located in Cincinnati OH and a wholly owned subsidiary of American Financial Group(NYSE/NASDAQ: AFG).

GAA’s Home Office is located at
301 E. Fourth Street, 11-S, Cincinnati OH 45202.